WAW Mentor Tamara Wensley of Primal Sisters Louis Pasture Pork Crisps

Do you want the incredible opportunity to be mentored one-on-one by an Indigenous woman entrepreneur who has more than 13 years experience as a Nutritional Consulting Practitioner (NCP), 400x her online sales during the pandemic and utilized the power of e-commerce to expand across the country while working on new product development? 

We are honored to announce that Tamara Wensley, Co-Founder of Primal Sisters Louis Pasture Pork Crisps, is our first WAW mentor! You've seen her keto snacks in the WAW Boxes that went to visionary women across the country and heard us talk about her massive business success on CP24. Find her bio below.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for an Indigenous woman who dreams of starting a business in the food and beverage industry, and we are truly grateful to Tamara for her expertise, time and enthusiasm!

Tamara will be offering 1 hour of mentorship per week for a 3 month one-on-one mentorship relationship. The details of which will be discussed with the recipient of our first WAW Grant + Mentorship opportunity

Applications are now open! Find more information on the WAW Grant and Mentorship Opportunity on our blog here and on Instagram here

Primal Sisters is a part of our partner NACCA's Aboriginal Financial Institution (AFI) network, as a client of NEDC on Vancouver Island. Our 1st WAW Grant + Mentorship opportunity is proudly co-sponsored by WAW and NACCA.

Good luck! WAW! Please share this opportunity with anyone and everyone it could benefit.

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This opportunity is proudly co-presented by WAW and NACCA. 


Tamara Wensley

Tamara is a co founder of Primal Sisters Enterprises Inc. Their brand Louis Pasture Pork Crisps has become a staple for many across Canada following a low carbohydrate/ sugar free lifestyle. Along with many businesses, in March 2020, their sales plummeted.  Tamara’s resilience, optimism and determination saw this as a chance to re direct their focus onto direct to consumer sales. Along with her sister and business partner Jennifer, they pivoted quickly and made the necessary improvements to their online platform. By the end of April their direct-to-consumer sales had increased by 400% and continues to climb.

Tamara is a proud mother of two young adults. She has always considered her job as a mother to be as a guide and an example of a strong, independent woman who is also a life long learner.   Always staying curious and determined to find the answers.

Tamara studied Nutrition at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, and worked as an NCP for 13 years. She has been a Training Consultant for A. Vogel Canada and educated others on the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.  

Tamara is passionate about healthy, sustainable and locally produced food. She also loves to see other women succeed and be able to reach all of their goals, while still setting more. She believes having a mentor is important because there are many obstacles to being self-employed and it is easy to give up if you do not have the right support. 

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