Richa Gupta of Good Food For Good

Meet Richa Gupta!

Richa's entrepreneurial journey started with a passion fuelled from wanting to feed her family good food, on busy nights. As a successful executive, she found it hard to make convenient and healthy food that did not compromise on taste. As a mother, she knew she wanted what was best for her child and so her startup journey began.

Driven to make a difference through food, Richa launched Good Food for Good. This was her answer to the question she was struggling to answer as a full time executive and full time mom. She knew launching Good Food for Good would not only greatly impact her life but the lives around her that were trying to answer the same question, “How can I make something fast that is healthy for me and does not compromise on taste?” 

Good Food for Good offers flavourful, aromatic cooking sauces made with organic ingredients and are free of gluten, soy, corn, refined sugars, dairy and preservatives. Richa believes in giving back to the community: every time you buy any of her products, they donate a meal to feed someone in need. They are a certified B Corp.

Good Food for Good makes it easy for people to live healthy lives whilst enjoying flavourful taste. Find Good Food for Good stores across Canada and the US, or place an order online to get delicious sauces at your doorstep.

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