Jordan McIntyre of Mary Manette Seafood

Meet Jordan McIntyre!

Founder of Mary Manette Seafood, Jordan has always wanted to provide the best Canadian seafood to those across the nation ethically. The Prince Edward Island based business strives to provide the best quality seafood year round. 

Inspired by Jordan’s great-grandmother, Mary Manette traveled through the night by horse and wagon from regions of Nova Scotia to set up her fish stand at the crack of dawn down by the Halifax Farmers Market. Known for her seafood’s exceptional flavour and freshness, her products were sought after and relished by local communities. Thus today, Mary Manette Seafood prides itself on their high quality products that are infused with flavourful brines, natural woodsmoke, and fresh ocean air. 

As part of the Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business, Mary Manette Seafood is an Indigenous and women-owned business, valuing sustainability through commerce, conservation, community and a deep respect for local culture. They support effective fisheries management and healthy Canadian fish stocks. Some of Mary Manette Seafood’s most popular products include naturally smoked herring, smoked mussels, seacuterie kits, and lemon horseradish sauce as well. All recipes are deeply embedded upon generations of Canadian seafood producers who are passionate in providing the best shellfish. 

The website also features delectable recipes for consumers to prepare their own dishes including a lemon horseradish cream for canapes. Mary Manette Seafood’s website consists of a lively blog as well, where conversations surrounding the love of seafood and other relatable topics are welcome to readers. Currently, their products are available within local, national, and international retail and foodservice markets. 

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