First WAW Grant and Mentorship Opportunity for an Indigenous Woman in Canada

We are thrilled and excited to announce that applications for our first WAW Grant and Mentorship opportunity are now open!

Calling all Indigenous women: do you dream of starting a thriving business in the food and beverage industry in Canada? ⁣

Can your idea use e-commerce, social media and other digital strategies to successfully launch and scale?⁣

Do you live in Canada?⁣

If you are an Indigenous woman living in Canada with the dream of starting a successful business in the food and beverage industry, we would love to hear from you! We are offering one $2000 grant and one one-on-one 3 month mentorship to the recipient. 

The Criteria:

1. Digital-First Ideas: Innovative ideas that identify e-commerce, social media and technology for production, marketing and distribution.

2. Ideas That Scale: Products and services that can be easily scaled in the future with mentorship, grants and loans.

3. Clear Path To MVP: One (or more) minimum viable product(s) are easily identifiable and could be produced within three months or less.

The Application - Updated:

1. Your Pitch: Write 500 words *or* record a 2 minute video about yourself, your business idea, why it's innovative and what problem it solves and/or demand it fulfils.

2. Demonstrate Commitment: Explain how you will have the time to work on business development for three months (or more).

More Information:

  • Send your pitch to
  • You may send a link to your video on the Internet, attach it as a file or share it via Google Drive.
  • Deadline: Friday April 16th 2021.


Good luck! WAW! Please share this opportunity with anyone and everyone it could benefit! Learn more about our inspiring first woman mentor here. 

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This opportunity is proudly co-presented by WAW and NACCA.